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Indian Railway Jobs

Today, Indian Railway Jobs are one of the most popular jobs of the Public Sector among students. Not only Railway Jobs are secure and safe but also provide you the much wanted financial freedom along with various perks and benefits.

However, the jobs at Indian railways do have their own toll. The 24 hour non-stop shifts and various emergency situations can make you grow little busy and tired.

As these jobs are challenging and tedious for all ranks of officers working with Indian Railways, at National Academy of Indian Railways they are provided with the adequate training to handle their roles and to positively contribute to the development of Indian Railways.

The National Academy of Indian Railways functions as the Mecca of learning for the officers of all departments of Indian Railways in general and Accounts, Personnel, Medical departments and Stores as well as for officers of other ministries.

The academy in itself is a true FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER and GUIDE of the Railway Officers whose efficient efforts have led to the success Indian Railways.

Where is Campus of NAIR located?

National Academy of Indian Railways, formerly known as Railway Staff College is an alma mater for Indian Railway employees located at Lalbaug, Vadodra, and Gujarat. The Academy was originally founded in 1930 at Dehradun on the same site where the Indian Military Academy is located.

Why was NAIR established?

National Academy of Indian Railways was devised to act as Centralized Training Institute for the training of Indian Railways Accounts Service (IRAS), Indian Railways Medical Service (IRMS) Probationers, Indian Railways Store Service (IRSS), and Indian Railways Personnel Service (IRPS).

However, National Academy of Indian Railways runs training programmes for officers of all disciplines and all grades right from Probationers to General Managers.  Every year more than 2500 officers participate in various training programmes. The length of these programmes can vary from one week to ten weeks.

In addition to above, managers of a few Public Sector Undertakings, Other ministries of the Government and a few managers from railway systems abroad also attend training programmes in this College.

How is life at NAIR?

Life at NAIR is very buzzing. You have to wake up early as 5:00 AM to attend PT/Yoga which is then followed by the classes that starts from 08:30AM and ends at 4:00PM or so. After that one can enjoy various sports available in the campus.

Test are quite frequent at NAIR and they could be given at any moment hence, one must be regular in the class and revise the syllabus continually.

How one can get admit at NAIR?

NAIR is an in house campus thus, in order to be a part of the campus you need to be an employee of Indian Railways or of some other ministries. You can apply for the various Indian Railway Jobs that are released by RRB every year. Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) is the apex body that conducts recruitment exam for various posts at Indian railways.

As getting a job at Indian Railways isn’t an easy task, one has to go through a rigorous competition to get selected into the Indian Railways. So if you are looking to join Indian Railway Jobs, you should start your preparation right ahead of time with due dedication and sincerity.

I hope this article must have provided you with the much needed information about the National Academy of Indian Railways.

You can carry on with your preparations by going to through our site.

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