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water treatment companies in Australia

Water is an integral part of any industry, be it construction, food & beverage, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, power & petrochemicals, metal, and plastic. It is safe to say that a modern factory cannot run successfully without the blessing of water and a lot of it. As crucial as it is, water comes with its own array of issues and needs regular and efficient treatment to be deemed fit for industrial use. This is when water treatment companies in Australia come to play. Here are 4 ways they help various industries thrive.

  1. Legionella Risk Management

A legionella is a pathogenic group of bacteria, which includes the vicious L. pneumophila, infamous for causing the dreaded Legionnaires’ disease. L. pneumophila resides in warm water, which ranges from 20- 45 degrees Celsius. So, cooling towers are a favourite spot. It reaches the human body when they inhale tiny water droplets infected with the microbe. Owing to the increased number of cases, it is required by law to have a Legionella Risk Management Plan in place in every industry. It includes regulating water temperature controls, filtration, regular checks, sampling, and a lot more controlling. A good water treatment company can take care of this very effectively.

  • Corrosion and Scale Prevention

Water, if you remember the formula, has a lot of oxygen in it. The presence of the gas often leads to a complex series of reactions between the water and metal that remain in contact with the water; thus, making the metal to dissolve in the water bit by bit. On the other hand, water, in a lot of places, is also very rich in dissolved calcium and magnesium salts. These settle down in the guise of a hard build-up called scales. Scaling build-up is notorious for equipment damage, clogged faucets or pipes, tile discoloration, and shower stall cleaning difficulties. Together, corrosion and scale formation are considered among the most vital problems affecting the actual performance and economy of industrial water systems, especially desalination plants, water treatment processes, energy production units, and cooling water equipment. The water treatment companies in Australia not only help clearing up the issue but also in managing it in an industrial setting.

  • Wastewater Treatment

Water is used for a plethora of purposes within an industry, as raw material, as a cooling agent, and as a cleaning agent. The resultant water by-product that comes out of factories is laden with chemicals, toxins, heavy metals, grease, dyes, and even radioactive waste. All of this can wreak havoc if released into rivers or oceans without proper treatment. Collaborating with water treatment companies can solve this issue in a jiffy.

  • Water Minimization Consultation

Water is a precious resource and must be used thoughtfully, especially in today’s time when water shortage and pollution has touched new heights. Having the experts on board will help companies develop a better plant design that makes more efficient use of water, aid in applying new innovations to reduce damage caused by water, betterment in water treatment, and a lot more.

So, whatever industry one belongs to, they can reap innumerable benefits from collaborating with the right water treatment company.

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