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artificial kidney transplant in India

Kidneys are very important in a living body as they remove a lot of waste from it. It is said that they filter out at least 45 gallons of blood on an everyday basis. But when they stop working, then a lot of fluid and waste build up on the body and that leads to issues like kidney failure and high blood pressure.

When there is a chronic kidney disease, then there are mainly 2 things that one can go through. They can either get an artificial kidney transplant in India by receiving a healthy kidney from a donor or else they can go for dialysis which is a treatment where the blood gets filtered either by a machine or in the belly with the help of a special tube.

One may think that transplant can be done as a last resort and when one has run out of other treatment options but that is not the truth. In case of most patients, the doctors look for transplant chances any day more than a dialysis.

Now the question is why do doctors always prefer transplants? This is because; people who undergo transplantation generally live longer than the person who chose to go for dialysis. Apart from living longer they also have:

  • Very few limits in their regular diet post operation.
  • Much better quality of life because one does not spend a lot of time every week getting dialysis and they can go back to work and their daily routine of life easily.
  • Very less long term health issues once the transplantation is done successfully.
  • More energy in life.

One should remember that dialysis always takes a toll on the body and it can cause a lot of issues like anaemia and heart problems. If such is the case, then why people think of going for dialysis at all? Well, this happens mainly because there are many people who are in need of kidneys than that of the available kidney donors. There are many people who need to go for the dialysis process because otherwise there will be even more complications in the body if they just wait for the donor and that too without treatment. A dialysis is a kind of a lifesaver for people who are suffering from kidney diseases. People at almost any age, from children to older adults, can get a kidney transplant, but not everyone is healthy enough to get it done. Kidney transplantation is an issue for them, if:

  • They are a cancer patient and are being treated for it.
  • Infection in the body which cannot be treated properly.
  • Some illness that is limiting their life to just few more years.
  • Severe heart disease which means they cannot survive the surgery.
  • Very obese
  • Dementia
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

There are best kidney transplant in India available but before that the patient and the surgeon needs to check whether the transplantation is possible on that individual or not.

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