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Organic Weed Killer

In this day and age we have finally begun to wake up when it comes to destroying pesky weeds, whether they are growing in our yard or in a small garden. We are finally thinking of Mother Earth, our pets, and our children. We are starting to shy away from chemical weed killers in exchange for organic ones, many of which you can make yourself.

It seems that vinegar is a very popular, easy to use organic weed killer. It works by burning the weed’s foliage and by temporarily lowering the pH in the soil, thus destroying the root system. The pH in the soil will return to normal in a matter of a few days. White vinegar works the best and if you boil it just before using it, it will increase the strength. There are many benefits to using vinegar. It is inexpensive, non-toxic, fast-acting, and it does not do long term damage to the soil.

Salt is another good weed killer. Salty soil kills root systems and salt draws water out of plant cells causing the plant to dehydrate and die. Use sparingly! Excess salt poisons the soil and many important organisms such as bacteria, earthworms and fungi will be killed by the salinity. It does eventually wash out of the soil, but it takes a while. Salt is best used on land not used for lawns and gardens. Drive ways and gravel areas are good places for its use.

Simple boiling water will kill the roots of weeds. Be careful! It kills the roots of your decorative plants as well.

Corn meal will prevent seeds from growing, therefore stopping the new growth of weeds.

Flame weeding uses a propane-gas burner to sear the leaves and cause the weeds to wilt and die. The burner produces a direct flame making this a safe way to get rid of weeds.

Mulches work well as weed killers and come in many natural varieties. Pine needles, straw, leaves, and grass clippings all work great as mulch. They work by smothering the weeds underneath and starving them of the needed water and sunlight.

It is easy to find organic weed killers in stores now too. Names such as Burnout, and Avenger are just a couple.

Whatever method you choose, you can not go wrong. Planet Earth, our children, and our pets will back you up when it comes to organic weed killers.


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