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Chainsaw Repairs

If your chainsaw sees more time in your hands then it does in storage, it’s likely that repairs are something you are going to have to deal with at some point. At these times, however, you need to ponder the question of whether you will get these repairs done professionally or whether you will attempt to do them yourself. To ensure that you make the right decision, you will have to make an honest assessment of your abilities – if you’re up to the task, go for it; if you’re not, it’s best to leave it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

Chainsaw Repairs

Fortunately, many chainsaw suppliers will sell their equipment under a warranty of one or two years. This means that, should your chainsaw break down during this time (provided that it is not due to negligence on your behalf), the supplier will undertake the repairs for you free of charge. If your chainsaw is only a few years old, it always pays to check the documentation that came with it; you might just be surprised to learn that it is still under warranty.

If the warranty period is over (or it never had one to begin with), you might like to undertake the repairs yourself. But you should only do so once you have taken a number of considerations into account. Firstly, you must ask yourself whether you have been maintaining the chainsaw correctly (re-read the owner’s manual to double check what sort of maintenance has been recommended). If you haven’t, try completing some of these tasks to see whether it fixes the problem your chainsaw is experiencing. This could include changing the air filters and spark plugs, using the correct fuel, and keeping the chain sharp.

If you reach the conclusion that you have been correctly maintaining your chainsaw but it is still in need of repairs, you should start by checking the owner’s manual for a troubleshooting guide. Often, this guide will provide you with some tips and instructions for fixing minor problems. You may find that the cause is something simple that you just never thought to check.

When you have tried everything that you can think of and your chainsaw is still experiencing issues, the best advice that we can offer you is to take it in for a professional repair. If you have no idea where this can be done, give the supplier who sold it to you a call and ask whether they would recommended a specialist chainsaw mechanic. And remember, if your chainsaw is still under warranty, you should avoid tinkering with the equipment at all costs, as this can void any coverage you had.


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