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A hot water dispenser may take many different forms, and water dispensers have many more uses than simply providing a source of hot and cold water for drinks.

Readily available hot water from a dispenser can be used for warming baby food and bottles, loosening jar lids and removing jar labels.

There are also numerous applications for cooking and baking, including quickly cleaning butter or shortening from utensils and measuring cups, melting chocolate or softening butter for creaming.

You can also use the scalding hot water to instantly remove the skins from peaches and tomatoes, or to blanch vegetables before freezing.

Instant hot water can also be used to heat plates, ice cream scoops or pancake syrup. Having a hot water dispenser allows you to use hot water for applications such as these without using hot tap water, saving money in energy costs.

In-sink Hot Water Dispensers

In-sink water dispensers can be installed onto any sink. This type of dispenser consists of a separate little faucet that dispenses hot water on demand without having to run tap water, waiting for it to heat up.

An energy efficient heating unit installed under the sink heats the water as needed, reducing the use of hot tap water and subsequently reducing energy costs. Insinkerator sells dispensers such as these, for both hot and cold water.

In-sink dispensers have a multitude of uses because of the volume of hot water that they can produce at a minimal cost, energy-wise. Reduce cooking time of vegetables, rice and pasta by filling the pot with hot water before placing it on the stove.

Less time that the stove will be on means less energy used. An in-sink hot water dispenser can also be used to soak and wash dishes, making them clean and sterile, and also to heat plates prior to serving to keep meals nice and hot.

Having an in-sink water dispenser reduces the strain on the household hot water heater, saving energy and reducing the likelihood that hot water will run out during a shower.

Countertop Hot Water Dispensers

As a less permanent fixture, a countertop hot water dispenser is another option. This type of unit has a large reservoir to hold the water, which is heated to approximately 200 degrees. Simply fill the dispenser and plug it in.

This type of water cooler is useful in places where installing a permanent unit is not an option, like temporary bars at wedding receptions. A water dispenser is also a welcome addition to any company lunchroom, especially when there is no microwave present for heating drinks and soups.

Commercial countertop hot water dispensers, also known as hot drink machines, are usually connected to a water source for a continuous supply of water. Units such as these are commonly seen in restaurants, convenience stores and sometimes in large office buildings where the demand for hot drinks is significant.

Some of them can dispense several different types of hot drinks, such as flavoured coffees and instant hot chocolate alongside plain hot water.

For home use, a smaller countertop water dispenser may be the solution. For a minimal cost you can buy a hot water dispenser that resembles an ordinary coffee machine and works much the same way, such as the Sunbeam Hot Shot. The obvious difference is the absence of coffee pot and filter.

For tea and cocoa drinkers, this type of hot water is ideal because it keeps a supply of water hot for immediate refills. For people with babies, a microwave is not accepted as a safe way to warm baby food or baby bottles because of the potential risk of hot spots that could result in burns.

A hot water dispenser keeps an immediate hot water supply on hand for fast and safe warming of baby bottles and baby food, making nighttime feedings less disruptive.


  • Instant supply of hot water
  • Large variety of different styles from permanent to countertop
  • More energy efficient than tap water or kettles
  • Many uses besides just hot drinks


  • Permanent and commercial units can be costly

Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

For both hot and cold water, similar units to the hot water dispensers are available, such as the ones from Insinkerator. Many water coolers now feature a hot water dispenser as well, both in bottled and bottleless units.

Chic and stylish water coolers such as those sold by Aquaverve are a fine example of the types of hot and cold-water dispensers that are now available. These attractive units fit the décor of any home or office, and most of them dispense either hot and cold or hot and room temperature water.

The large selection of hot and cold-water dispensers includes both countertop and freestanding models to suit any space.

Some hot and cold-water dispensers also have a self-cleaning feature in which the hot water is also used to flush the lines to keep them free from bacteria.

Many water dispensers with hot water also have a locking tap to protect small children from accidental burns.


  • Supplies both hot and cold water at the ideal temperature
  • Can be bottled, bottleless or in-sink
  • Energy efficient
  • Many attractive styles to choose from


  • In-sink and highly stylish models can be costly


A hot water dispenser can be a permanent in-sink fixture, a freestanding floor model or a small countertop appliance, but what all of these units have in common is convenience.

They provide a ready supply of hot water for drinks and kitchen use without having to use extra energy to heat a stove or run a microwave and they also save water by reducing the running of taps to obtain hot water for kitchen use. Useful for homes as well as offices, temporary bars and company lunchrooms, a hot and cold water dispenser is one appliance that will get a lot of use.

The initial cost of purchase and installation of some units may be high, but the added convenience and reduced energy costs make them a worthwhile investment.


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