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There are millions of faces in the world and even there is a huge amount of data related to them available on the internet. The images provide great data that can be shared with anyone in this whole world. Facial recognition companies have provided a vast ecosystem in fueling the facial technology to be used in almost all the devices in the world. The databases are pushed together with the images and the videos that have helped to place the cameras all over.

There is no pin point on the specific count but there are various companies like Microsoft involved in the whole scenario. The face compilations are there which drive the race to create a whole new world in the era of technology. This helps to identify as much as people is possible so that there are more and more neutral networks which are complex systems based on mathematical data that help to build patterns related to the recognition of the faces of the people. The companies gather data but never share it with anyone and provide full respect to the privacy of people and help them to retain the most loyal customers. Companies are gathering such data since past many decades but people were unaware that why their faces are being used. And even there is no attachment of the names to the pictures and the photos as there is a unique face of everyone. The technology is being used in the most invasive ways. Even such technologies are being used by the agencies in order to solve some crime related things like FBI so that the cases can be efficiently solved by them.

Some people claim that these technologies can be misused and there are questions on people in regard to the ethics of the people who are in the phase of collecting data. There was a case that the data was sold by a company of USA to a company of China which made this issue more visible to normal people. But now there are proper regulations in regard to such things that there is no leakage of the data by some companies and they have to follow the strict rules and regulations which are provided by the authorities in case they want to operate and function in this business world. Various companies have even removed the face data sets from the internet of things due to the privacy concerns.

Also the researchers claim that there was poor lightning and the selection of angles which acts as a hindrance to the whole process of the face recognition. Sometimes data is even recorded to analyze the complex computer algorithms. The Microsoft has been the company with the highest set of data collections in regard to the faces.  Facial recognition software companies have to cope up with the stringent rules and regulations that help them to cope up with the public privacy programs in order to sustain and retain the most loyal customers so that the organizational goals can be achieved.

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