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ETIAS or the European Travel Information and authorization System is coming to effect 1st January 2021 onwards. It is a hassle-free, easy system aimed for eliminating the barriers in short-term travel throughout the Schengen Zone. 

For those who do not know about it, Schengen Zone comprises of 26 countries of Europe that have eliminated internal border control to allow free movement of the travellers in the region. The group of 26 countries it’s made up including many of those from the European Union (EU), and associated members like Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

ETIAS is a great solution to conserve effort, time, and money while travelling within this area. If you are holding an approved ETIAS, you can travel and visit the area for up to 90 days within a period of180 days. You will get more relevant and comprehensive details on

Difference Between ETIAS And Traditional Visa 

The effectiveness of this modern and thoughtful system – ETIAS, can be understood clearly when compared to the traditional visa. If you are visiting the area for a maximum of 90 days, within the 180 days, then your first and best choice has to be the ETIAS. 

To be precise, ETIAS is a European Visa Waiver created for short term visit. It is easier and works simpler than the visa in every aspect including application, processing, approval, and total time and effort required in the process. 

The purpose of the visit for which ETIAS is most applicable is limited to the types covering a short duration of stay. If you plan to stay for more than 90 days or much long-term, you must procure a formal, traditional visa.

More About ETIAS 

The overall discussion of facts always helps to form a clearer idea. Most of the relevant details about ETIAS, including the important ones are given ahead. Keep reading to know more :

  • Ease of applying for ETIAS is the best part of it undoubtedly. The lengthy and intimidating process of obtaining a visa has always been an issue for the travelling aspirants. But with this system, all the hassle is flushed out. 

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, you can apply for this from anywhere. The application is done online through an application form. Being 100% online, the required effort and expenditure for being physically present for paperwork and/or interview are cut down sharply. 

  • Eligibility criteria for applying for ETIAS is minimal. They are:
  • You have to be a citizen of one of the 61 ETIAS eligible countries.
  • You have to carry your valid Passport.
  • The approval time is also much short compared to the standard fourteen days period for that of the traditional visa. Approval is done in case of ETIAS within a maximum period of four days. Usually, it is completed within minutes of application. 
  • Another striking feature of this visa waiver system is ruling out of intimidation through a personal interview. While applying for a visa, you have to go through the visits of the embassy or consulate, but the online application and approval of ETIAS is a relief to that. 

The savings in terms of expenses and time you make can now be invested better! 

  • ETIAS is available for purposes of visit like tourism, the business of short-term nature such as conference and qualifying medical procedures. 

In case you have to stay long-term for studying abroad or professional practice, you must apply for and obtain a visa suiting the purpose.

Apply for ETIAS today. Visit for more information. Move through the Schengen Zone and travel to your heart’s content. Save the time and money from processing and use them while you actually visit.


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