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Cake delivery in Ludhiana

Life is full of happy events and a cake alongside them always doubles the happiness. Whether its a birthday, engagement, marriage anniversary, cake delivery in Ludhiana is always present to make the pleasure double. You, sitting in a different state, can even send a cake to your loved ones in Ludhiana with just a few steps.

Life made easy.

Cake delivery in Ludhiana has indeed made life a little bit easier. Imagine you being so tired, just lying there on the bed with a special occasion planned at night. You have to get up, dress up, wear a helmet, locate a shop, drive to it, stand confused for hours choosing the right cake, wait again till the owner finishes baking your cake and then after paying, at last, drive back home. Nothing could be possibly more torturing than this. Surprisingly, due to cake delivery being an option in Ludhiana now, you just have to do all the necessary steps at home, laying all comfortably in the bed.In this hectic world, forgetting about some important occasions is normal. Without pissing off your girlfriend, wife or kid for not bring a cake, you can now just pretend to have ordered one. It becomes a totally win-win situation. Even online services keep offering discounts regularly meaning savings!

Types of cakes available for delivery in Ludhiana.

Ludhiana is the largest city in Punjab. Hence, the cake delivery in Ludhiana, along with other services, is evolved to its best. A special cake for every occasion is available. Birthday cakes for kids, romantic cakes for Valentine day, premium cakes for business-related celebrations all are just ready to get delivered. You can even call for a custom-designed cake and have it at your home.

Types of delivery available.

Cake delivery in Ludhiana can be however you want. The minimum time in which you could get a cake delivered is 3 hrs. Although, obviously you will have to pay a greater price for it. Then there is midnight delivery with special charges. You can even book a specific time slot for the delivery. This can help you in planning surprises for your loved ones. Since everyone wants to make their loved one’s special day a little bit more special, planning surprises and deciding the time slots go on well with one another.

Delivery timings and prices.

Normally, the service keeps on delivering till 11 pm. But you can get the cake even between 11 pm to 11:59 pm for some additional fee. This delivery between 11 pm to 11:59 pm is not available for all the shops, but some surely provide it. The cakes are brought from oven straight to your doorstep. The time required to do this varies depending on the area you are living in and also on the type of cake you have ordered.The minimum delivery charge applying for the not-so-fancy cakes is 150INR. This charge can increase depending on the fanciness and delicacy of your cake.

Cake delivery has unknowingly made holidays a little bit lazier, life is a little bit easier, cravings a little bit lesser and occasions a lot more special.

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